Welcome to the Monticello United Church, also known as “The Little Church by the road”. We are a small rural church, just north of Grand Valley, Ontario. Since 1883 we’ve been blessed to serve our community with friendship, worship and fellowship. All are welcome at our services and other events.


In 1883, the early Methodist pioneers in the community of Monticello provided the funds, materials and manpower  to build this church as a place to worship and glorify God. Mr. William Colbeck donated the land.

The early Methodist ministers were known as circuit riders serving different communities on horseback. In 1900, the Monticello circuit was formed consisting of Monticello and Providence (the Methodist Church at Tarbert).

In 1919, Campania was added to the circuit. In 1924, the charge became known as Monticello – Tarbert – Campania.

In 1925,  the United Church of Canada was formed and this church was renamed the Monticello United Church. In 1931, following a boundary change, Gandier United Church in Keldon was placed with Monticello and Tarbert

In 1953, the charge changed to Grand Valley, Monticello and Tarbert. In 1957 the Christian Education Wing was built at Monticello by members of the congregation to help accommodate the needs of a growing Sunday School, youth groups and activities.

In 1964 Tarbert church was closed leaving a two-point charge (Grand Valley-Monticello) until 2002 when the Keldon-Monticello Pastoral Charge was formed.

In 2008 the Gandier United Church building in Keldon was closed and combined services were held at Monticello. The Monticello Pastoral Charge was formed early 2011.

We look back with gratitude to those who endured many hardships to build our beautiful little church by the side of the road sheltered by the spreading maple trees. Since those early years, many generations, through their faithfulness, dedication and energy  have supported Monticello. Although our present congregation is small in numbers, there is an active spirit among the members as they supply services, Sunday School and social activities for the community. By their faithful attendance and support, the church community continues to lay a foundation for the generations to come and helps ensure that Monticello United Church remains a very active and vibrant part of our community.